Have you ever used an app, thought you saved the settings and then you check and nothing changes - It happens all the time with MobileRSS. This has been bugging me for awhile now. Usually I think I’m not the only one who spots these things -

The funny thing is, a preference change needs to be done in 3 parts

  1. the visual UI/UE cue to let you know something changed (like a tick or a save button changes text)
  2. the backend data / prefs change is stored
  3. the app ‘reloads’ with the new settings

So what goes wrong with saving state changes?

Typically 2 things happen

  1. mostly developers give the visual cue, but the pref change is not saved
  2. the visual indicator shows, the pref change is saved but the app doesn’t ‘reload’ with the latest settings

Sometimes, exiting the app and removing it from memory can fix this particular issue.

But sometimes - you just have to email support and let them know 🙂