I’d be lying if I said ‘I never change anything on my website’. Absolutely lying. Actually I change something on here every week. Bits of code, bits of UE, bits of content. Always be fine tuning and always be tweaking your work is what I think.

In my ‘world’ it’s important to be learning new things and improving existing things. So when you run out of steam and energy - what do you do? At work I take a break and go grab a coffee. At home, I might go to the gym (or iron - ironing is good for concentrating and not burning shirts.

So with the website this means - planning and redesigning - and this means I’m going with a blank canvas .. this is a custom theme from Woothemes which doubles as a framework to build upon.

I’m attached to my website - and some of the design work done over the past 6 months.

I’m in love with the Google Web Font Monofett by Vernon Adams (thanks - I really do love it). It’s bright, big, bold and brings to life the six letters in my name.

I’ve discovered that bold, single colours work really well with my presentations. Colour makes content ‘pop’ from the dull web page.

And finally, I realised that I had started to use my website as a playing ground for Code changes. Which is great - but not great when you break things.

So I’m going to do some writing. But I’m going to keep clear of changing my website til I’ve found a new idea.


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