Here is the full list of the teams from London Startup Weekend June 2010. I’ve now added this as a page on the London site. The next weekend for London will be announced soon..


This is the mobile game to play where every check-in makes you money


Allows people around the world to meet online through a video speed networking service


Creates your personalised holiday planner based on budget and your interests

Brit My Pride

We want people to be proud of their voice rate or record phrases and show off your national or regional accent


Create and track meetings and events from Twitter


Develops casual & fun games for any mobile and branded content games

Ludofy Github

Ludofy:Github creates an incentive for productivity and effective use of source control by making Github into a game. Developers get points, badges and experience points for checking in their code.

Charity Mapper

find events around you for charities, such as fun-runs, bake-offs, etc

Gruvi world

Film fan centre for Facebook ‘The Universe for those that love movies-. and the movies we all love’


Find places or event nearby that are open right now

Peer Genie

new business networking tool to help entrepreneurs and potential co-founders find each other.

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