The team at ZOHO have recently added a bunch of new features to ZOHO CRM. Some of these are going to be useful, but quite a few features are paid for and then only in the enterprise edition.

New Features in ZOHO CRM

1. Log a Call (All Editions)

This gives an easy way to record an inbound or outbound call to a contact. When viewing the Contact Detail, scroll down to activities and click on Log Call. You can record interesting data like duration and purpose of the call.

2. Group Chat (Enterprise Edition)

Now you can chat to fellow employees

3. Web Tabs & ZOHO Creator (Enterprise Edition)

Now apps created in Zoho Creator can be integrated into ZOHO CRM. Kind of like adding widgets to iGoogle.

4. Workflow Rules (Pro and Enterprise)

It would be good to see workflow rules integrated into ZOHO CRM free edition - but workflow automation is a killer reason to upgrade ZOHO CRM. These improvements are going to be brilliant for CRM/email/campaign marketing.

5. Auto Responders (Pro and Enterprise)

Another killer reason to upgrade ZOHO CRM at least to the pro edition - auto responders allow you to send emails to your leads uhhh automagically. I use this lots!

6. ZOHO Mail Integration & Data Privacy (paid add-on)

Changes to the ZOHO Mail addon to improve data sharing and privacy.

7. Add notes to cases (Pro & Enterprise Edition)

If you run a Helpdesk or just want to track issues then Cases are what you use. This change fixes somethign that was always missing - the ability to add notes to update the status of issues / cases.

8. Microsoft Office Excel 2007 file format support XLSX

No brainer really, this was going to have to happen - you can now import from a .xlsx excel 2007 file format

9. ZOHO CRM API changes

Anyone using the ZOHO CRM API was affected by this.

Read the full list of changes

How have you found the changes to ZOHO CRM? good or bad?

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