ZOHO CRM is one of the best web based (SaaS) solutions for day to day contact and customer relationship management. ZOHO CRM free edition doesn’t include features like creating a quote or invoice - don’t worry ZOHO Invoice is the perfect product for this. ZOHO Invoice free edition allows you to create up to 5 quotes, estimates or invoices every month.

How to login to ZOHO Invoice from ZOHO CRM

If you are already using ZOHO CRM just go to the homepage for ZOHO Invoice


You’ll have to complete some basic details and then you can create your first quote or invoice.

If you go to the customers tab - there is an option to import all your customer accounts from ZOHO CRM - rather useless, but its there.

Why choose ZOHO INVOICE over ZOHO CRM?

ZOHO Invoice (even the free edition) includes more features for financial controllers then ZOHO CRM.

Zoho Invoice includes features like customised emails, creating automatic or recurring invoices, management of billable expenses and mulitple currencies.

In fact I’m annoyed that ZOHO CRM (paid edition) doesn’t include all this workflow and reports too!

Do you use ZOHO CRM and ZOHO Invoice? What do you think?

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