Zoho CRM is one of the best web based customer relationship management services - great features and cheap pricing. Zoho has its own quirks such as Email Opt Out.

What is Email opt-out? unsolicited emails

For marketing people, email opt-out would mean the customer or client has chosen to not receive unsolicited emails from your business - this is ususally a good way to stop sending bulk emails to certain customers.

What is Email opt-out in ZOHO CRM?

Email Opt-out is flag set for each individual contact. This flag prevents you sending solicited and unsolicited emails to that contact. You can think of this flag as 2 things:

  1. If a contact changes company / moves on to greener pastures - use this to stop send emails

  2. If you lose an account you can set all contacts in that company to not receive any new emails

So don’t be confused - create another field call email newsletter opt-in to track if customers want unsolicited emails - and don’t use email opt out which would block genuine solicited emails being sent.

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