ZOHO CRM is a very flexible web based service (SaaS) for customer relationship management. The free version is perfect for managing leads in a small to medium business or startup. Many business processes talk about opportunities, potentials or leads - so its good to know you can easily change ZOHO CRM to fit your business terms or jargon.

The best part is that ZOHO CRM is so flexible that you won’t need to argue with your boss and you can make this change in 30 seconds.

If you’re a new to ZOHO CRM, this is what your Setup menu will look like (it’s different if you have tried other editions).

Zoho CRM business process management taxonomy

Zoho CRM has a simple 3 step process

  1. Lead - new leads are people you meet or talk to

  2. Contact - leads are converted to contacts when you qualify them

  3. Potential - contacts have potentials for business

Map your Lead Management Process to Zoho

Now that you know how Zoho is structured for lead management, you can map your business process:

In my company we call a LEAD a ——-

In my comapny we call a CONTACT a ——–.

In my company we call a POTENTIAL a ——–

You need to write down the singular and the plural for your business terminology or jargon. The tab name will change to the plural (ie Leads) and the secondary menu will change to the singular (ie New Lead).

ZOHO CRM rename tabs for lead management process

  • Go to the setup menu
  • Select Rename Tab
  • Click Edit next to the tab you want to rename
  • Enter the singular term and the plural (ie Potential and Potentials)
  • Click Save
  • The screen grab below shows the change to the Tab and the New link
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