ZOHO CRM is a very flexible web based (SaaS) solution for customer management. Before starting to use ZOHO CRM for managing leads and communications, its common sense that you should add a custom field to record which contacts and customers agreed to receive marketing communications from you.

How to track email newsletter signup in ZOHO

We are going to add a custom field in ZOHO to track newsletter signup - by default we’ll enable this so that all manually entered contacts and leads are already opted in to receive marketing comms. We are making an assumption that your leads and contacts have asked you to send them stuff by email.

For inbound marketing - or generating leads from a website, its more important that customers have the choice to not receive these comms.

How to add a custom field in ZOHO

  1. Go to Setup

  2. Under Leads, choose Fields List

  3. Click on New Custom Field

  4. Add a Checkbox field, called Email_Newsletter and by default it is checked

  5. Click also to create this for Contacts  (but not Accounts or Potentials - Accounts or Companies dont need this and Potentials or Projects dont need this either).

  6. Save this

Other things to do with ZOHO CRM and the Email Newsletter field

  1. Create a web to lead form with the Newsletter field

  2. Run a mass update on your existing contacts to

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