So you choose to use ZOHO CRM because it’s a great web based solution for customer relationship management. There are now 3 ways to sign-up to ZOHO CRM using Google Apps or a Gmail address.

  1. Google Apps - If you are an administrator you can add ZOHO CRM from the Google Apps Marketplace

  2. Google Apps - Sign-up online and create a ZOHO account at the same time

  3. Gmail - as above, signup online and create a ZOHO account at the same time.

There is a 4th way to get started with ZOHO CRM and you sign-up and which is to create a ZOHO account that is NOT associated with your Google Apps or Gmail address

First-timer User Sign-up and Login using a Google Apps or Gmail address

  1. Go to

  2. In the sign-in box click on either the Gmail or Google Apps icon

  3. If you choose Gmail or Google Apps the next screen will ask for your permission to use your Google credentials, then click OK

  4. Now just confirm your username and accept the T&C’s

Eh voila - you are now registered and logged in to ZOHO CRM.

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