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WordPress 3 3

Now that the first release candidate for WordPress 3.3 is out, we can all plan (hopefully) for the real thing to be out before we take-off for Christmas Holidays in about 2 weeks.

Getting to grips with WordPress 3.3

This is a significant point release but don’t expect ‘major’ new features. Anyway, here are the features you’ll like and a little run-down of each one:

– Fly-out Menus with some responsive design

– New Toolbar

– New Drag n’ Drop Media Uploader

– Tumblr Importer

– Widgets get Memory


Fly-out Menus

WordPress 3 3 Flyout

First thing you’ll notice on the dashboard is that (most) fonts have changed to Helevetica Neue Lite – after that you’ll probably start wondering what happened with the Menu bar. Gone is the collapsible / concertina menus. Now it’s a smoother menu with ‘fly-out stuff’.

New Toolbar (again)

WordPress 3 3 New Toolbar Layer

Yes, again this release sees a lot of work on the Admin Toolbar for logged in users. Mostly the changes impact Multi-site Network Admins. In what may seem like a benefit the Switch to Network Admin link has moved (again).


New Drag n Drop Media Uploader

WordPress 3 3 New Media Uploader

Cool – Google was doing this a long time back, this feature is a great addition to WordPress and along with the new uploader you can now upload other file formats by default.


Tumblr Importer

This should be important for any die-hard WordPress fan .. seriously, why do you need WordPress and Tumblr?

Actually, this is less of a new feature – just that the Import options now include the Tumblr plugin.

Widgets get Memory

Sometimes it’s annoying – you change theme to test out something new, but decide you like the old better. Now Widgets remember how they were setup for a particular theme. So it’s easy to change back.


Have you been trying out WordPress 3.3 RC1? what do you think?

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