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Isotope allows you to do some amazing animation with and responsive layout for content on your website. I’ve been playing around with Isotope for a few months now and created a WordPress plugin to help make it easier to get started with Isotope.

UPDATED 25 Sep 2012. Here is a link to Download the plugin.

Once installed, the plugin adds the right code to call the Isotope javascript file and a custom stylesheet. But because Isotope has a commercial licence (and I’m not a great WordPress developer) you need to go buy a licence and move the .js into place.

What does this Isotope WordPress Plugin Do?

  • Activate safely the javascript for Isotope
  • Provide a number of shortcodes to make it easy to add Isotope stunning visual effects anywhere

3 Steps to get Isotope working with your blog

  1. Install my Isotope plugin file and uncompress
  2. Create a Page
  3. Add the shortcode [ dbc_isotope ]


How to load JavaScript like a WordPress Master


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