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Have a look at what’s coming with Isotope for WordPress, my latest plugin. Isotope does amazing things to you website or blog and my plugin makes it easy to add a responsive layout and visual animation on any post or page.

This is a free plugin and includes the Isotope Masonry animation and one CSS style.

UPDATED 25 Sep 2012. Here is a link to Download the plugin.

A new Admin page

Isotope for WordPress is so easy to use. You don’t need to do anything. Once it is active, you’ll find a helpful link under Appearances menu.

Put Isotope anywhere with a shortcode

I’ve added a shortcode which is easy to use:

just create a post or page and add

[ dbc_isotope ]

Want to show all your posts? Use this shortcode

[ dbc_isotope posts=-1 ]

Isotope for WordPress plugin works with Responsive Themes

If you have a fixed width theme, then you could be disappointed with Isotope. One of the classic effects of Isotope is the masonry animation which shuffles the posts around as you resize your browser window.

In a non responsive / fixed width theme when you change the browser size, nothing changes.

But, in a responsive theme you’ll see this.

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