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DBC Backup 2 gives the confidence that your WordPress database is backed-up and securely stored on your server.

Database backup and security should be a critical issue for Marketing Agencies, small businesses and any WordPress website user. This plugin makes the whole experience easy with 3 critical features:

3 Critical Features

1. Storage – the backup file is compressed and saved on your web server and not sent via email or to another 3rd party.

2. Secure – the backup file is saved in a protected directory and blocked from downloading or other prying eyes (download via FTP/SFTP or SSH only)

3. Automated Backup – schedule regular database backups to happen in the background. Manual backup is also supported.

Make this the 1st Plugin you to install in WordPress

Having worked on numerous large and small web applications using WordPress, the problem for many agencies and business is the assumption that security and backup is the responsibility of the IT or server manager.

DBC backup can be installed from the plugin repository ( and configured easily.

This should be the first plugin installed by any developer or WordPress user. “Using DBC Backup 2 means you can have the confidence that all your hard work is not lost” said Damien Saunders.

Secure Server Backup is easy with DBC Backup 2

For many website owners, a server based backup can be safer than solutions which send backup files to your email or require integration with 3rd party storage. E-mails can fail to send if the backup is too big or they can be intercepted and stolen by anyone with access to your email account.

The backup directory is protected with directory level security, this makes it impossible to browse the backup folder or download anything inside it. The file name also includes some random characters preventing anyone trying brute force download.

About DBC Backup 2 v2.1

DBC Backup 2 v2.1 is free to download and install on your WordPress website from

This is a ‘new’ version of an older plugin that was no longer maintained. DBC Backup 2 is the first plugin released by Damien Saunders.

v2.1 features an improved user interface and users can find out more about the plugin and get support from

About Damien Saunders

Damien Saunders is an independent consultant with experience in digital marketing and solutions for web and mobile. Damien’s services include developing product managment, coaching in digital marketing and now WordPress training and support. Damien is based in London, UK.


For interviews or further information please contact:

Damien Saunders

Marketing Consultant

Phone: +447919110638

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