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Startup Metrics for Pirates (SeedCamp 2008)


If you’re in a Startup you need to agree quite quickly on some of those performance metrics and here, Dave McClure shares his view. Sure you can go for the glamour figures — like millions of page views, likes or tweets. But wouldn’t you just prefer some hard cash? or qualified leads? At the end […]

Why Social Gaming is on the decline? Blame cannibalisation by mobile and OTT


Social Gaming is on the decline – not terminal decline, just platform cannibalisation. Well mostly. Some Social Gamers just go off and play other newer games. The big reason for the decline in social game, I believe is the rise of free games in App Stores like Android Play and iTunes App Store. These App Stores […]

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Get Results from an Android Mobile Marketing Strategy


Android Mobiles are taking over the world … and that seems to be supported by the latest statistics or trends. If you’re thinking about mobile marketing .. and wondering ‘what is all the fuss about Android’, then this presentation is for you. Only the latest Android Insights and Statistics 10 billion app downloads (December 2011) 200 […]

Using Social Media takes 20% of your Australian day


Australians spend 1 in 5 minutes using social media sites. Social Networking usage was about 22% in December 2010 says comScore. The statistics reveal that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are some of the most popular destinations. If you add into this instant messaging then the total rises to 35% – which is probably a more realistic […]

20,000 visitors so far this year


So its mid-November and I’m just looking at the Google Analytics report to see how I’m getting on. Data visualisation is a big thing but raw numbers are also pretty good. 20,000 visitors so far this year generated 50,000 page views. That’s pretty good for a one man marketing guy and his machine. Alexa’s Web […]