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House Buying in the UK  Trello

Trello example – House Buying in the UK


Trello is one of my favourite tools for project planning and also time wasting – I guess you can spend hours planning your life (ha ha). I’ve put together a sample board for anyone wanting to use Trello to help manage their house purchase. It’s pretty specific for 1st time buyers / renters but you […]

Social Media Sunday


It’s here again – Social Media Sunday and this week I have chosen 3 of the best Google Apps for social networking and project management. If you don’t use Google Apps with a custom domain … then you don’t know what you are missing. Socialwok Socialwok creates a professional social network instantly for everyone on […]


Task Management with Post-It Notes


As I’m a certified Scrum Master and very good at project and task management I can say I enjoy running planning sessions with teams I do work with. Now I’ve started to discover the freedom of the Post-It Note for planning and brainstorming. Even better, its essential for any startup to be able to focus […]