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Twitter – a few suggested alternatives to CoTweet or Hootsuite

Twitter – a few suggested alternatives to CoTweet or Hootsuite

Are you responsible for Twitter and Social Media in your business? Perhaps you’ve been feeling a bit lost after CoTweet closed its free version (shame on them) … here are a few alternatives you can look at


– yes I said alternative to CoTweet – personally, I like to use my own Pro URL so this was not an option.
Hootsuite has a very reasonably priced premium version and it has clients for pretty much any device


MarketMeSuite is looking the most promising ‘free’ solution.

Integrated with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Tools for scheduling tweets just like CoTweet or HootSuite.

GroupTweet could be good for sharing access to 1 Twitter account in much the same way as CoTweet


– I’d forgotten all about SocialBro til a colleague showed me the latest logged in / dashboard.

– Definitely one to join and compare.

Get Results from an Android Mobile Marketing Strategy

Get Results from an Android Mobile Marketing Strategy

Android Mobiles are taking over the world … and that seems to be supported by the latest statistics or trends. If you’re thinking about mobile marketing .. and wondering ‘what is all the fuss about Android’, then this presentation is for you.

Only the latest Android Insights and Statistics

  • 10 billion app downloads (December 2011)
  • 200 million activated devices (November 2011)
  • 400,000 Android Apps (December 2011)

We can only wait for the next Google I/O conference to confirm how these numbers are growing!

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Members Get it Free – Definitive Guide to Foursquare for 2011

The Definitive Guide to Foursquare has been updated for 2011 … and will be sent out this week.


11 Step Guide to Foursquare 2011


This guide contains all you need to know to get started with marketing using Foursquare. It covers:

  • Statistics you need to know
  • Ideas for making your business marketing with Foursquare better
  • What key incentives you should have to reward Mayors
  • Tips for tracking and monitoring
  • much much more …


This presentation will be sent out for free to registered members – it’s not too late to register now



Emailvision – it’s great to feel engaged

The team at Emailvision have contacted me a lot in the past 3 days … since I wrote a short article on cross channel campaign problems and a lack of testing.

I will say that Emailvision team that I have spoken to have all been great – it’s good to know they switched on people who are passionate about their company and what they do.


The problem with integrated cross-channel marketing is …

James from Emailvision resolved / pointed out a few things –

1. If you use an HTTPS connection to Facebook there was an issue (now fixed)

2. there was an issue with replicating data to the Akamai CDN (now fixed)

3. Facebook use another party to identify spammers which is part based on domain name (not in their control).

4. The link to contact Emailvision from Facebook was now going to an error page (today)


Campaign Testing is import for your brand & domain name reputation

As I wrote this week … on email and brand reputation, it is very very very very important to get your campaign tested end to end to be sure its all going to work.

It’s also important, unfortunately to change things if someone else breaks something. Your customer / potential customer doesn’t know anything about Akamai or CDN or HTTPS connection issues.



So in the next couple of weeks I hope to go meet a London based rep from Emailvision and get a good demo of their tool.

Starting in Digital? Don’t ruin your brand reputation with your 1st social media marketing campaign

Digital marketing has its benefits mainly that it’s easy to launch a social media campaign without any prior relationship with the victim.

I’m more annoyed at the damage young companies do to their brand, reputation and domain-name … at wasted opportunities from legitimate startups who just spam any contacts in one e-mail blast.

Last week, I got an email sent to me with someone elses info – yet it was an invite to join their London business network. The business owner even replied to me. What a wasted opportunity to get it right at the first step.

WTF – you don’t know me so don’t spam from legitimate e-mail marketing services

It’s nice to know that companies like Mailchimp and Aweber make it so easy to send out an e-mail blast – but really, if you didn’t read the terms of service, if you bulk upload to Mailchimp, you have to CONFIRM that you legitimately know me.

So why is it companies insist on sending spam and then violate their agreement with Mailchimp or Aweber?

And why would you wast that first contact for your new business by being ignorant and spamming all those potentials?

Really – you only damage your company domain & reputation

Think again … if you’re a new business never use cold email lists because:

1. Google Mail, Yahoo & Hotmail along with other email service providers will automatically send all your email to SPAM folders and you’ll never recover from that

2. Service providers like Mailchimp will cancel your account forever

3. You’ll never get anywhere with SEO, Adwords, etc if Google decides your domain is bad.

First Launch E-mail Strategy

To get going with first launch and early email marketing campaigns, use all the contacts you personally know. 70% of them will open the email if they know its from you and none of them are likely to unsubscribe are they.

I don’t claim to be an expert at digital marketing – but I know customer experience is majorly important. You’ve got to get your first contact right.