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Are you responsible for Twitter and Social Media in your business? Perhaps you’ve been feeling a bit lost after CoTweet closed its free version (shame on them) … here are a few alternatives you can look at


– yes I said alternative to CoTweet – personally, I like to use my own Pro URL so this was not an option.
Hootsuite has a very reasonably priced premium version and it has clients for pretty much any device


MarketMeSuite is looking the most promising ‘free’ solution.

Integrated with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Tools for scheduling tweets just like CoTweet or HootSuite.

GroupTweet could be good for sharing access to 1 Twitter account in much the same way as CoTweet


– I’d forgotten all about SocialBro til a colleague showed me the latest logged in / dashboard.

– Definitely one to join and compare.

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