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The team at Emailvision have contacted me a lot in the past 3 days … since I wrote a short article on cross channel campaign problems and a lack of testing.

I will say that Emailvision team that I have spoken to have all been great – it’s good to know they switched on people who are passionate about their company and what they do.


The problem with integrated cross-channel marketing is …

James from Emailvision resolved / pointed out a few things –

1. If you use an HTTPS connection to Facebook there was an issue (now fixed)

2. there was an issue with replicating data to the Akamai CDN (now fixed)

3. Facebook use another party to identify spammers which is part based on domain name (not in their control).

4. The link to contact Emailvision from Facebook was now going to an error page (today)


Campaign Testing is import for your brand & domain name reputation

As I wrote this week … on email and brand reputation, it is very very very very important to get your campaign tested end to end to be sure its all going to work.

It’s also important, unfortunately to change things if someone else breaks something. Your customer / potential customer doesn’t know anything about Akamai or CDN or HTTPS connection issues.



So in the next couple of weeks I hope to go meet a London based rep from Emailvision and get a good demo of their tool.

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