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Here is a summer essential collection for ZOHO CRM a customer relationship management or CRM solution. When you get started in business your sales and marketing activities will need to be split 3 ways –

  • Customers who are buying from you
  • Nurturing Customers who will buy from you
  • Generating new leads or potential customers

This may seem daunting – so from the day you open your doors or your new web business you’ll want a tool to track all your customers and maybe your suppliers too. ZOHO CRM is probably one of the best web based (SaaS) CRM solutions and its $12 per month professional version has all the tools you need to get started.


Here is an essential collection and guide to using ZOHO CRM for your startup:

How to choose a web based CRM solution – wondering why you want a web based software as a service (SaaS) solution for CRM and how to compare them – then read this

How to sign up to ZOHO CRM using Google Apps or your Gmail address – all the information you need to get going with Google and ZOHO CRM

How to get started with ZOHO CRM and import your contacts from Google – guide to getting your contacts from Gmail and loading them into ZOHO CRM

Understanding CRM what is a lead vs contact vs opportunity – ZOHO CRM has its own jargon and you need to understand this to match it against your sales process

How to change the names of tabs like leads & contacts – ZOHO CRM is easy to customise and you can easily change the names of tabs to match your sales process or terminology

Record an email address from your website into ZOHO CRM – capture a lead or email address from your website for your mailing list

Create a contact form or lead from your website – create a form for your website that adds the lead into ZOHO CRM

Respecting the Email Opt Out function – email opt out is a powerful tool in ZOHO, use it wisely.

How to send invoices to your customers – if you invoice customers ZOHO Invoice free edition is better than ZOHO CRM

What do you use ZOHO CRM for?

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