Axure Sticky Nav & Scroll Spy part 2

I wanted another go at the scroll spy and sticky nav bar effect in Axure … which I previously wrote about. Reason being I like scroll spy and wanted to show a more complex and sensitive version.

Axure Scroll Spy, Sticky Nav & Pin to Browser

This latest Axure scroll spy example show

  • Header which sticks at the top
  • Navbar which becomes sticky when you scroll
  • Buttons that change selected state while you scroll

Image Map Regions

I’ve make a lot of use of Image Map Regions to provide ‘feedback’ as you scroll. The important thing with image maps for anchor points is that sometimes they need to be positioned differently to your anchor or scroll to points. Otherwise you can find your browser unexpectedly not scrolling to where you intend.

The other point I should make is that Axure needs an OnScroll behaviour rather than needing a feedback ‘tool’ like what Paul @ Axure  calls his crazy flicker.

Get the latest Axure 6.5 beta – Word Specification with OnPageLoad

I’d also like to suggest that if you have any problems generating Word specification documents that you first disable Crazy Flicker from OnPageLoad – Specifications and screenshots usually apply the OnPageLoad events. The Axure support team did fix an issue in the latest v6.5 beta which I found when using crazy flicker and OnPageLoad. So I’m only suggesting that if you find a problem with Word Specification documents – check you have the latest Axure beta release.




Creative Commons Share a Like by Attribution

Yes, it’s a free download and can be used under Creative Commons –  CC-Attribution and you can use it for commercial and non-commercial projects. Just let me know please.


2 Responses to “Axure Sticky Nav & Scroll Spy part 2”

  1. Thibaut April 19, 2012 at 2:27 pm #

    Hi Damien,

    Thanks for the tips and the .rp, very helpful!
    I was wondering if you (or someone else) are able to save the .rp file you shared with us, in Axure 6.0 format?
    I don’t have 6.5 and can’t install it on the pc I am using… so I am unable to open the file…

    Thanks a lot

    • Damien Saunders April 22, 2012 at 9:54 pm #

      Hi Thibaut

      thanks for the help .. 6.5 beta is a free download right now

      Also I think that one of the functions I use called Pin To Browser is new in v6.5 beta

      email me direct at damien at damiensaunders dot com if that helps

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