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Mobile user experience and interface design is tricky business at the best of time. You need tools and templates that can help quickly sketch or mockup what things will look like which is where Balsamiq comes in.

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Back in 2008 I started to use Balsamiq Mockups for sketches of mobile UX/UI for mobile operator content portals. This isn’t easy work at the best of times.  Launched in June 2008, Mockups helps software designers and developers build great software by letting them easily sketch out their ideas, then quickly collaborate and iterate over them.

Designing mobile user experience and customer journeys has been a part of what I do since 2003 when I was leading the project that launched the first colour phones with cameras & games, as part of a major wap portal for an Australian mobile operator.

A lot has changed when it comes to user experience and user interfaces – but for many paper is still the best tool or powerpoint and keynote are very easy to use.

Balsamiq is still a tool of choice because it has a friendly layout and cheeky usage of a font we love to hate.

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