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Did you know that social media is more than just blogs and RSS feeds? Well I hope so.

I have a following on Twitter that is <— this BIG —>   which is a lot for little me.  Maybe you prefer Twitter because you can dip in to the Twitterstream – maybe you should try following me.


What does Damien Saunders have to share on Twitter?

Damien’s Twitter account is kept updated 24/7 with the latest headlines from across my Internet websites. This is complimented with unique social media news, and sharing of important articles from across major tech and internet websites.

Let me share what’s up with you

I also spend a few minutes each day reviewing what people who follow me have to say and I do go out of my way to RT (re-tweet) anything funny, interesting or new.
If you don’t like Twitter — well stick to reading my blog or subscribe to my RSS Feed.

Or if you don’t like social media — then why did you read this?

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