Remember your Mobile Browser detection for iPad & Smartphones

So you’ve built a great website for your clients and they’re happy to see its getting lots of good traffic. Now your client wants to know how to make their website mobile.

Depending on the CMS you used to build the website – WordPress or Drupal for example, be sure to setup a mobile browser plugin that renders your website smartphone and mobile friendly.

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For anyone building a website from scratch – mobile browser detection is done in the same was as detecting say IE6.
You only need to write a small script which detects the browser user-agent as a mobile and directs it to a webpage just for mobile.

It’s been common practice for a few years to actually redirect mobiles to a mobile friendly site like or or (hiss boo), but CSS and scripts can do this better.

For a dynamic site with a CMS and blog it’s easier to load a separate set of CSS styles that renders the your website for narrow and small screen and at the same time you can use this to cut out all that flash stuff that doesn’t render on iPads or other iDevices.

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One Response to “Remember your Mobile Browser detection for iPad & Smartphones”

  1. Richard Uren January 26, 2011 at 11:13 pm #

    Hey Damian,

    Good points. If your website is more complicated it might be a good idea to have a separate set of templates for smaller screens.


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