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Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides a number of extra tools for the adventurous to improve tracking and provide valuable insights. Event tracking should be used throughout the user journey to better understand customer engagement.

Why Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is one of the web’s most popular tools for reporting on activity and trends for just about any website. Your online and offline marketing activities need meaningful analytics data which creates actionable insights. In summary, website analytics has benefits for sales, marketing and product development – in fact most areas of your business.

Customer Engagement you say?

I’m going to say that engaging experiences for your customers is a key purpose of your brand, your website or app. Your site or app exists to do something for your customer – be that to sell a product or help me communicate with friends. You need to think how you can use event tracking to monitor engagement.

Event tracking means you can better understand how customers respond to your site.

The best way to start to use event tracking is on a landing page, competition form. You can track successful form submissions in Google Analytics. This alone has great value. These are customer who completed an action, they did something for you.

Now think about this – where did that customer go after filling in your form? did they bounce away? how many were first time visitors or users?


If you want to improve your web analytics – then why aren’t you using Google Analytics & event tracking?

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