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Want help to define social media or maybe you are just looking to get a bit more knowledge about the latest social media trends

What is social media?

For marketing purposes – Social Media is any content that is published online that can be shared, rated, liked or commented on.

So you will notice that social is implicitly defined as your network that you share things with.

What is a social network?

If you have an address book (or a little black book as they were once called) that is one type of social network – it represents all the people that you know. Your social network includes friends, work colleagues, followers and even people you don’t know!

A social network is any website or portal that exists for connecting with or growing social networks.

What is CRM?

Marketing exists to make people buy or use your products. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tries to make it easier for brands and businesses to relate better to customers and clients. As technology, CRM aims to help track all communications with customer.

CRM also tries to achieve Single Customer View (SCV). This means your retail staff could see the comments added from a customers recent call to a contact centre.

The other more topical part of CRM was to make it possible to offer more products or services to customers, by looking at the types of customers and offering new or related services to these customers across a number of channels of touch points.

What is Social CRM?

If your customers are talking about you in social networks, then your brand or company should also talk in these places.

In essence social crm wants to track all these conversations to better understand this customer.

But social crm should be more than tracking conversations … You want to relate to your customers .. And you want to help then like you more.