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How to make your website mobile

Smart phones are driving the usage of mobile internet and that’s not just the growth in mobile apps.

Having a mobile website or a mobile web app for your business is becoming critical as your customers and potential new business use mobile search to hunt for any business.

There are 3 easy steps to get your website ready for the mobile internet:

  • Make your website mobile now
  • Assess your mobile customer’s needs
  • Improve your mobile customer experience to generate leads





Make your website mobile today

It’s easy for any brand or business to enable a mobile version of your website. If you’re using WordPress, a plugin such as WPTouch ‘lite’ can instantly render your existing site for Android, iPhones and even iPad.

Taking the time to optimise your website for mobile devices with WPTouch Pro will make the whole mobile experience better for you and your customers.


Assess and determine your mobile customer’s needs

The small screen of your mobile makes it more important to analyse what it is your mobile customers are doing with their smartphone. This means you should cut out all the content that’s not needed on the small screen.

If you’re a small business or retail outlet, your mobile customers maybe looking for information like your location or contact details.

For b2c brands and other businesses who are trying to leverage social media the mobile web presents many new opportunities for sharing and check-ins.


Improve your mobile customer experience to generate leads

After you’ve assessed your customers, it’s time to adapt and change your website again. Hide or remove pages from your website that aren’t needed on your mobile.

You may also need to create specific mobile friendly pages. This is the best option to ensure the customer experience is truly optimised for the small screen smart phone or feature phone.

Finally, remember to review and optimise your forms and other tools you use to generate leads or integrate with CRM.