Death of Google Reader – It’s offline caching that makes RSS so good for me

Death Google Reader

It’s what’s on the inside that counts! For me, what makes RSS a success has been mobile apps with offline caching.  I don’t sit at home with my browser pointed to … I use mobile apps.  Specifically, as I spend a lot of time on London Tube and trains where there is no wifi or mobile coverage, I need an RSS Feed Reader with a Cache!

It’s been great over the years to have Google Reader there for me as a bit of a research index, record keeper and generally more reliable than Delicious or pretty much any social bookmarking service.

Would I pay for a Google Reader service?  Of course not, because I already pay them money for Google Apps for Business. Here’s my point .. I’d pay Google a little bit more to have Google Reader bundled into Google Apps.

For now, I’ll download my RSS Feeds and use ‘something’ to try to at least download all my starred articles.

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