2012 Website Statistics – Content Strategy is not buzz words like SEO

2012 was the biggest year to date for web site visitors – and with good reason! So Thank You to everyone who came, read and left (and came back, again).

55,266 unique visitors clocked up 5.1 million seconds of visit duration but more importantly pages / visit and average visit duration also grew.

Analytics 2012 detail


So what happened in 2012?  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) didn’t work out … but having a content strategy did.

I’ll go into this in another post on another day, but SEO failed … What Google thought I was an expert on, just wasn’t the case. I was getting great traffic for a couple of articles — but nothing that I was consistently writing about.

On the other hand … I setup a sub-domain wordpress.damien.co and started writing regularly about stuff I love. That content strategy is paying off. You can see in 2012, that from July on my weekly uniques has consistently been about 1000 visits per week. The people who are coming (maybe like you reading this) are starting to come back too read other stuff.

Well actually having a content strategy is working out in a way … I still get good visitors for topics like ‘Android Wifi Apps’ – but I’m getting more benefit from visitors reading up on WordPress.

Having a content strategy has also paid off – I’m now making and selling WordPress plugins!

Analytics 2012 com 2011

Most importantly, thanks to Google Analytics, I’ve got a good history now and had great experience in setting up GA tracking for events, campaigns and other bits.

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