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This year, is the year that HTML5 will be on your CV. That is … if only you can prove what you did was in HTML5. Right now, I think that HTML5 is a bit of a catch-phrase (or catchy acronym?) when what we’re all doing uses a lot of .js and other familiar code frameworks.

HTML5 is not a new language – but it is visual

Every project I’ve got so far this year will need HTML5. So what I’ve found is that it’s not a new language, it’s not going to replace Flash (yet), but it’s going to do some flashy visual stuff.

Already there are great examples of visual things built with the new HTML tag elements like <Canvas> and for many of us, our Modern Web-Browsers are adding HTML5 ‘stuff’ with every release.

HTML5 – you’re (probably) already doing it

Yup thats right … you’re (probably) already doing it but don’t know that you’re doing it. Crazy? No .. the standard WordPress TwentyEleven theme already supports HTML5 tags and this website uses plugins that render HTML5 code.

So my point is this … If you’re looking for someone with HTML5 experience … then what are you really looking for?

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