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Isotope Visual Post Layouts for WordPress v0.33 — introduces update notifications

Isotope Visual Post Layouts for WordPress has just been updated. As the plugin is no-longer in the WordPress repo (it’s not GPL compliant) … you’ll need to download this plugin and install it manually.


Whats new in v0.33?

In advance of further development, I decided it was best to introduce update notifications so that ‘you’ can be alerted to any new updates.

What this means is your WordPress dashboard will in future let you know of future releases.


The best way to keep up to date is to sign-up to my email list and you’ll get all the latest updates about this plugin and others that I’m developing.

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Isotope Visual Layouts for WordPress plugin – v1.0 is coming

First — thanks for your ‘patience’ Isotope Visual Layouts for WordPress will soon be turning 1.0 🙂

What’s coming up in v1.0

There are 3 big features in v1.0

  1. Custom update / upgrade notification (as the plugin is no longer hosted by WordPress)
  2. A variety of colour options for the Sticky Note Visual Layouts
  3. Changed the WP-Query so that it is smoother ( and faster ).

Want 50% off the Pro Licence? You’ll also be the first to get the new Isotope Visual Layouts v1.0

In advance of the release of v1.0, I’m offering 50% off a Pro licence*. The Pro Licence gives you the right to change the CSS and HTML generated by the plugin in anyway you like.

You can also get free e-mail support if you get stuck!.

BUY NOW – enter the code 50OFF

*This means you pay about £5.

Visual Post Layouts – with colour options

Visual Post Layouts will be my next WordPress plugin. It’s nearly ready and I’ve been working hard to allow some great control over the plugin.

What’s Coming up?

In the first release of the Visual Post Layouts, you’ll have a great set of features as part of the shortcode.

You can create a visual post layout in a post, a page, in fact … almost anywhere 🙂

You also have the option to choose a different colour scheme – if you don’t like Sticky Note Yellow … there will be Violet, Orange and Green.

Will this be Free?

Yes this will be free and available in the WordPress Plugin repo.

Isotope Visual Post Layout plugin for WordPress download here

Unfortunately the team at WordPress have decided they can’t host my plugin anymore. This is because the isotope javascript file is not compatible with their GPL requirements.

So for now … here is the link to the file you’ll be looking for. Just sign-up for my WordPres e-mail update (no more 1 per week) which will keep you informed about my plugin developments.

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Freetile Visual Post Layouts a plugin WordPress

Today I’ve been reading up on Freetile a jQuery project by Yannis for visual layouts similar to what I’ve done with Isotope Visual Post Layouts.

Freetile is a plugin for jQuery that enables the organization of webpage content in an efficient, dynamic and responsive layout. It can be applied to a container element and it will attempt to arrange it’s children in a layout that makes optimal use of screen space, by “packing” them in a tight arrangement.

So this evening I’ve started a new plugin called Freetile Visual Post Layouts.

This will be an alternative to my Isotope for WordPress plugin – once I’ve tested it out for a few days, I’ll publish it to WordPress.

What do you think of Freetile? are you keen to try it out on WordPress?