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DBC Backup 2 — new version on the way updated for MySQL 5.6 and latest WordPress

DBC Backup 2 my WordPress plugin to safely back-up your database is getting an massive update. This will add support for the latest MySQL server version 5.6 and is currently in test.

DBC Backup 2 v2.3 is being tested with the latest versions of MySQL server and WordPress. It has been tested to ensure users can import and recover from their backup files.


About DBC Backup 2

DBC Backup 2 is the WordPress plugin that you want behind the scenes – it safely and easily backs up your WordPress database, posts, settings and comments. DBC Backup 2 has been download more than 8,000 times on Plugin Repository.



Messing with your Head – when to use WordPress template parts vs JavaScript

Here I am … I’m messing with your head. I wanted to see how easy it is to get my Isotope Visual Layouts plugin for WordPress to change your your homepage. Actually it was too easy and the result is destruction and chaos.

No-No – I’m Never Going to Mess with your Head

First thing to note – Never do anything with a plugin that ‘you’ the User doesn’t expect. That’s bad bad karma. So over-riding your theme is a Big No-No. 

Isotope js mess


Template Parts or JavaScript

While this can all be done in JavaScript it is wrong to do it this way. There is nothing graceful here – In the image above, I used JS to manipulate the CSS attributes for width and height. This created a table based grid layout which worked with Isotope.js

The key learning here is you need to use WordPress Template Parts and create a new layout which you can then apply a whole range of CSS styles and attributes too.


Even better – I’ll stick with creating my plugin and use short codes so that you can add Isotope Visual Layouts where you want.


What do you think? Template-parts or invasive JavaScript?

Isotope Visual Layouts with Infinite Scroll

Isotope Visual Layouts Pro is getting an update … and it’s one that a few of you have been asking for.

Isotope Visual Layouts Pro 1.9 is currently in testing and it will include a shortcode for Infinite Scroll.

I’m also making it safe to use on any page or post so you can really have different layouts (like one with infinite scroll and one with filtrify)

Isotope Visual Layouts Infinite Scroll

This will be the ‘last’ update for Isotope Visual Layouts Pro … I’m working on something hotter with sorting and drag n drop.

DBC Backup 2 updated for WordPress 3.6

A new version of DBC Backup 2 my WordPress plugin to automatically backup your website has been released. This version has been tested to support WordPress 3.6 and is available to download now.


What’s new in DBC Backup 2 v2.2

DBC Backup v2.2 — WordPress

Minor changes to the Settings Page for the plugin, that should make it easier to use.

FIXED – a few bugs

TESTED – on WordPress 3.6


Where to get it …

Get from my DBC Backup 2 plugin page




Download via

Introducing empty – Apache Ant Build for WordPress

Welcome and say hello to empty. empty is a bunch of ANT Build Tasks for WordPress plugin developers that help automate the build thanks to Apache Ant.

Why ANT not PHING?

Go ask Google that … there are plenty of conversations elsewhere on ANT vs PHING. It’s really a personal choice.

Ant, Phing, Grunt.js, make are all build tools for developers. Ant is a popular tool, free and widely used. It’s commonly used for Java but can fit in with other code and projects.

Why not Grunt.js?

Well yes, experimentation is good … Grunt.js may fit in there somewhere if ANT tasks for minify aren’t simple.

What’s in empty

empty supports a number of commonly needed task features like

  • create a compressed .zip of all your project files
  • copy the zip to your DropBox folder
  • works with a Mac and Windows
  • currently supports 4 dev, test and staging environments
  • basic edit / replace by tags of your readme markdown file
  • saves your as readme.txt to the distribution .zip

How to Get started with empty?

Download / fork the project from Bitbucket

Save all the files into your WordPress plugin project directory
Make sure you have Java and Apache Ant installed 🙂

Start by editing and enter the name of your plugin.

Then open Terminal or your CLI editor .. and type


If it’s going well .. you’ll see this …

Damiens-MacBook-Pro:empty damien$ ant
Buildfile: /wp-content/plugins/empty/build.xml

Total time: 1 second
Damiens-MacBook-Pro:empty damien$


Build your plugin compress .zip


This will ..

– delete the temp build folders
– make the build directories
– copy all the required project files to a new folder
– zip the finished project


[php]ant make[/php]

and you’ll see

Damiens-MacBook-Pro:empty damien$ ant make
Buildfile: /Volumes/Proust/Sites/dev/wp-content/plugins/empty/build.xml

[delete] Deleting directory /Volumes/Proust/Sites/dev/wp-content/plugins/empty/build
[delete] Deleting directory /Volumes/Proust/Sites/dev/wp-content/plugins/empty/dist

[mkdir] Created dir: /Volumes/Proust/Sites/dev/wp-content/plugins/empty/build
[mkdir] Created dir: /Volumes/Proust/Sites/dev/wp-content/plugins/empty/build/empty
[mkdir] Created dir: /Volumes/Proust/Sites/dev/wp-content/plugins/empty/dist

[copy] Copying 6 files to /Volumes/Proust/Sites/dev/wp-content/plugins/empty/build/empty
[copy] Copying 2 files to /Volumes/Proust/Sites/dev/wp-content/plugins/empty/build/empty/css
[copy] Copied 1 empty directory to 1 empty directory under /Volumes/Proust/Sites/dev/wp-content/plugins/empty/build/empty/js

Total time: 0 seconds
Damiens-MacBook-Pro:empty damien$


Teaser – Visual Layouts Pro (freetile)

Development has finished on my next plugin … Visual Layouts Pro (Freetile) plugin.

This takes the Freetile jQuery plugin and mashes it up with Filtrify and Twitter Bootstrap to give you an awesome plugin for a responsive, visual layout …
Visual Layouts Pro freetile


Key Features of Visual Layouts Pro

  • Tags & Category based filters
  • Show / Hide content
  • Show Excerpt
  • Works on posts, pages
  • Includes Twitter Bootstrap with powerful options for CSS and web design
  • Pagination