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Project Retrospectives – the perfect measure

Project Retrospectives – the perfect measure

Seriously … Next time you’re running a project retrospective or other review, keep a count of your WTFs/minute.

One very good reason – if you’re thinking WTF and something doesn’t make sense, then the person next to you is probably thinking the same thing.

Piwik Web Analytics best free alternative

Piwik Web Analytics best free alternative

Have you tried Piwik yet? If you’ve been using Google Analytics and started to wonder what alternative web analytic tools are out there then look no further then Piwik.

Piwik is a web analytics solution that is free and runs on your own server. It provides a lot of similar features to Google Analytics and will run alongside Google Analytics anyway.

Why stick with Google Analytics?

Now I love GA and will always implement it as a first choice.

Web analytics solutions like Google Analytics offer an amazing array of features … goal tracking, event tracking and custom variables. This is more than enough for most web analytics and marketing insights. So stick with GA if you’re happy.

Why Change? GA doesn’t allow tracking customer identifiable data.

GA’s Terms of Service prevent the tracking of customer identifiable data. This means if you run a membership based website, you can not use GA if you wanted to tag visitor data with their member number.

If you’re in need of tracking customer usage data then you’ll need another tool. This is why you need Piwik.

What do you think? Why did you want to use Piwik or look for an alternative to Google Analytics?

Are you on top of your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2011?


You’re never too late to start your 2011 Social Media Marketing Strategy – This year has gone so fast and I missed starting my Marketing Strategy on 1/1/11.  For many marketing people and businesses, developing your strategy is something usually done in the first 3 months of your financial year or calendar year.

If this is the approach your business currently takes, then realise that you’re leaving just 75% of the year to deliver 100% of what you set out to achieve.


What can you do to get started with a social media strategy today?

There is a lot you can do and today is always the best day to start.

The 3 most important steps to get your Social Media Strategy & practice off to a a good start are to watch, listen and learn.


Watch what others are doing with Social Media

Look at what people are doing with Twitter, Facebook, coTweet,  LinkedIn, Foursquare

Watch what your competition is doing with social media

Watch how you & others integrate social media marketing into existing e-mail, web, radio, press, outdoor marketing activities


Listen to what your customers are doing with Social Media

Listen to how your customers use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Identify industry specific social networks that you need to get involved in

Join these networks and listen to what customers and non customers say

Listen out for bad customer experiences (for your brand and your competitors)


Learn the tools of the trade

Learn from Mashable, ReadWriteWeb (or contact me) to find out what tools you need to be using today.

Get up to speed with how you’re using Google Adwords

Learn good SEO practices – avoid the black arts of SEO and squeeze pages

Track how you’re ranked in Google for your keywords

Learn to tag your campaigns better in Google Analytics

Use coTweet or similar to integrate with your customers on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere

Monitor and Report on Analytics


Spend 30 minutes a day and review the numbers

So get started today – spend 30 minutes dusting off your Google Analytics charts, find out what tools your company uses for social media – and if you can’t find any historical numbers, start tracking them.


[video] Online Shopping with Swedish Twist – 3 LiveShop

3 LiveShop

Have you seen this … This has to be the future of customer service and online shopping — say goodbye to messy forms or complicated shopping charts. Those crazy people in Tre Sweden just like to push the envelope here. And maybe some of those other mobile operators or utility providers can do this too.

Once you’ve checked out this promo video – go take a look at the 3 LiveShop – it uses Adobe Flash embed video chat for the fun stuff.

3 Live Shop Welcome 444


3 from B-Reel & B-Reel Films on Vimeo.

Get your message right – Effective Marketing Strategy

Creating an effective marketing strategy during a recession is tough. When you’re faced with budget cuts to your marketing spend or trying to figure out what you can do with no budget then you need a plan. The third step to this plan is to get your message right

What is your customer telling you?

Customers are always looking for 2 things – The right price or a better offer. Westerners may not be as good at bargaining as some cultures are, but we all want to know we got a good deal. Your marketing messages need only to get the customer to your website or retail store, but that’s hard work.

Message = Noise + Perfect Fit

People working in advertising or marketing should know that ads are either product specific or about branding. Too much of both can be a turn off for customers – or noise, you hear or see the advert, but you don’t remember any of it. You could just focus on running branding adverts which attempt to get customers to ‘feel’ that your Brand or Company is more suited to them.

Right Time – Right Place

Targeted advertising inside Google Gmail attempts to show that right time right place is the best way to get success or a click through on your message. For online marketing, this works for paid search or SEM.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the new frontier and SMM provides one of the lowest cost and most effective marketing channels today. SMM integrates very well with traditional advertising (PR, Radio, Print, Billboards) and should be deeply integrated with mobile marketing.

Your brand or business’ goal with social media marketing needs to have a focus – gaining good customer referrals and gaining sales.

In the next post on effective marketing strategy, I’ll look at the online tools you’ll want to use.

Know your target – Effective Marketing Strategy

Creating an effective marketing strategy during a recession is tough. when you’re faced with budget cuts to your marketing spend or trying to figure out what you can do with no budget then you need a plan. The second step to this plan is to know your target.

Picture your ideal potential customer

In any business you need to market to three types of customers. The potentials who don’t know about you, your existing customers and your lapsed customers.

So far my strategy guide has looked at your market … and creating a top-down business case (ie the population of London is 8 million, the number of Twitter users in London is 2 million).

Now its time to be granular and define your customers.

Customers Needs are many and varied

Assuming you are online business with no store front, then you have 1 channel (online) to meet your customers needs. This is great for potential customers.

Thanks to the power of online .. you can now offer your potential customers a number of tools to help convince them to buy from you – demos, FAQ’s, brouchures, videos, live chat, Twitter service, Facebook fan pages … and so on.

So picture your ideal customer (by age, by internet usage, by location) and then choose the best sales tools – don’t just create a Facebook Fan page if you are going after offline customers!

If you have a retail presence then you’ll want to think about the online marketing tools and the instore tools that customers want – maybe a few are the same like using a working demo or watching videos.

Map your Customer Needs

There is something powerful about a good wireframe or business model – try to draw your customer needs so that anyone can understand your business.

What works for you? Have your say at Damiens Get Satisfaction forum