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Twitter – a few suggested alternatives to CoTweet or Hootsuite

Twitter – a few suggested alternatives to CoTweet or Hootsuite

Are you responsible for Twitter and Social Media in your business? Perhaps you’ve been feeling a bit lost after CoTweet closed its free version (shame on them) … here are a few alternatives you can look at


– yes I said alternative to CoTweet – personally, I like to use my own Pro URL so this was not an option.
Hootsuite has a very reasonably priced premium version and it has clients for pretty much any device


MarketMeSuite is looking the most promising ‘free’ solution.

Integrated with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Tools for scheduling tweets just like CoTweet or HootSuite.

GroupTweet could be good for sharing access to 1 Twitter account in much the same way as CoTweet


– I’d forgotten all about SocialBro til a colleague showed me the latest logged in / dashboard.

– Definitely one to join and compare.

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Twitter – a few suggested alternatives to CoTweet or Hootsuite

What do you think of the #newnewTwitter

So what do you think of the new look for Twitter? It’s feeling cleaner and the style change adds some freshness.


But is this the first step in the wrong direction for brand pages? Will we all end-up with old-skool MySpace style pages?

Twitter my recommendation don’t Auto Follow

Twitter for business marketing is a love or hate tool – and I love to love Twitter. Auto Follow and Auto DM are two topics that with a passion, divides Social Media Marketers. I recently trialled Auto-Follow after I was told that I was distant for not doing so.

Results Prove Dont Auto Follow

I have not Auto-Followed Twitterers for some time – as I try to focus on building some relationship (!!!) with people who I choose to follow. If I follow you, it’s cause I’m interested in what you do or who you are.

In the screenshot below from CoTweet (my favourite Twitter Tool) – this is just a few of the Auto-DM messages I have been receiving and most are from Twitter Pyramid Plan Selling people trying to skim a few bits of cash from me clicking on their message or buying in to their marketing scheme.

It’s a Pyramid Scheme & YOU WONT MAKE MONEY

I signed up for one of these Twitter Marketing schemes (it was a slow day and I didn’t have to pay anything). I really enjoyed the effort the young lady (she was from London too) had gone to – remaking her own YouTube videos, changing the ‘training material’ documents to cut n paste her contact info and she was obviously running her own email marketing programme to with Aweber (I guess that means she was paying out more money too).

No to Auto Follow

In summary – there are no free Twitter secrets, most of the people that I followed during my recent experience were home based Twitter marketers trying to make a fast buck. And now, I revert to a policy of NO AUTO FOLLOW.
PS … If I unfollow you … and you feel hard done by … leave a message below and I’ll follow you back (again)