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It’s time to catchup on some missed out reading and enjoy the break. So here is a collection of 10 of the best Social Media resources that you love to read.

So I’m not going to second guess these related posts – I’m sure there will be stuff about Twitter, Facebook, Email Marketing and Foursquare.

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5 tips to using Foursquare for retail marketing

5 tips to using Foursquare for retail marketing

Are you using Foursquare? Do you want your retail stores or promotions staff to start to use Foursquare too? If you already use social media marketing, then approx 15% of business are already using Foursquare

Here’s 5 easy ways to start using Foursquare today.

Claim your business

Foursquare is a free business directory with all entries submitted by your customers. You need to claim your business.

Integrate Foursquare Checkin with traditional advertising

Feature the Foursquare checkin in your next print or email campaign and get customers to checkin. Also promote the Foursquare checkin on your  website, Twitter account and Facebook fanpage.

Followup via Twitter or Facebook

Send a reply to any messages on Twitter or Facebook for people who shout out that they just checkedin at one of your stores … even better monitor for message about people being the Mayor of your store.

Run a Foursquare competition

Start with an introductory offer of a free coffee for anyone that checks in at one of your stores. As this starts to grow you can try a number of other competitions like:

  • Run a Foursquare treasure hunt
  • Run a Foursquare scavenger hunt
  • Run a random checkin competition
  • Offers for Mayors

And remember to check that staff of the stores are correctly flagged as staff so their checkins don’t count for competition purposes.

Track the stats

Use tools like FoursquareX or CheckinMania to find out how many people visit your business.

How to start mobile marketing with Foursquare [presentation]

How to start mobile marketing with Foursquare [presentation]

Mobile marketing and Foursquare are two words that are just right for each other. Foursquare has an impressive base of users and is extremely popular in big cities like London – which means it’s ideal for any business or brand to get started with mobile marketing and hyper-local search.

Focus your marketing on mobile – integrate offline with online

Now that mobile marketing is becoming the focus of all your online marketing activities (if not, why not?) all your offline marketing needs to be integrated with this mobile, online world.

Foursquare has the tools for loyalty, promotions and analytics

Foursquare is facing tough competition from Facebook, Google and any of those voucher / deal-of-the day services. Yet the range of loyalty tools, promotion options and improvements in analytics means Foursquare has plenty to offer. Before starting out with paid mobile search campaigns or investing in vouchers – have you done everything you can with Foursquare?

What do you think? Have you had success using Foursquare for mobile marketing or local search?

Definitive Guide to Foursquare updated for 2011

The Definitive Guide to Foursquare has been updated for 2011

Have you been looking to use social media for marketing? Trying to think of creative ideas to get more people to visit your shops? Foursquare has a number of options for retailers to come up with engaging experiences to get more people in your shops.

This guide contains all you need to get started with marketing using Foursquare. It covers:

  • Statistics you need to know
  • Ideas for making your business marketing with Foursquare better
  • What key incentives you should have to reward Mayors
  • Tips for tracking and monitoring
  • much much more …
Why I gave up all my Mayorships on Foursquare

Why I gave up all my Mayorships on Foursquare

Mayor-ry New Year Foursquare friends and fans. I just gave up my 30 odd Mayorships because its more fun watching other people become Mayor and because I saw that longtime users (including me) are guilty of using Foursquare so much that newer users are stopped from getting to be Mayor.

So now that I have no Mayor-ships does that mean I’m not interested in Foursquare? — No way, but I’m going to watch more venues and continue to monitor its growth.

Foursquare for writers & bloggers – Slideshare Presentation of the day

Foursquare for writers & bloggers – Slideshare Presentation of the day

Are you geo-location challenged and want to do more with Foursquare and social media marketing? Then take a look at my latest presentation which has been featured on SlideShare under How-To and DIY.

This presentation is perfect for bloggers, writers and journalists who want to use Foursquare – or in fact anyone with a virtual office who writes about interesting places.

Many digital marketers or independent consultants may be thinking they are missing out with social media marketing, but this guide shows how you can build your brand without having to use your own office location.