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Slideshare Featured presentation of the day – get started with Foursquare

Slideshare Featured presentation of the day – get started with Foursquare

Here’s my newest Guide to getting started with Foursquare and it was selected by Slideshare as featured presentation on their homepage and on their business marketing section.

The cat was definitely out of the bag on this … it’s had more than 460 nearly 1000 views in one day and a number of new favourites

Get started today with foursquare

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Thanks to everyone for liking it!

Case Study How to get 100 people in your retail store at the same time

Regular followers of my work, will have seen an earlier case study on Foursquare marketing for retail and I’ve recently been updating this. So this week there are a couple of posts on the Swarm Badge Party that was organised in Latvia.

Client Brief

Bite Latvija just opened a new technical advice and support centre dedicated to questions about mobile broadband, device configuration and helping people get the most from their mobile.

They wanted to launch the new centre in a way that compliments the new technology, mobile and location angle.


Riga, with a population of more than 1,000,000 should be easy enough to find enthusiastic users of social networks, smart phones and mobile internet. So my proposal was to hold a Foursquare Swarm Party.

Execution and Delivery

The client’s social media and PR agency Hauska & Partners were enthusiastic with the planning and the execution of the project and this included a mix of traditional and online PR.

The client already uses Twitter for marketing and service so pre-event teasers were sent out and tweevite was used to manage invites.

The Incentive & Reward

To mark the occasion of the first Foursquare Swarm Party in Latvia, the company offered a prize of a new HTC Desire smart phone and CTO Cristobal Alonso came along as well and to make cocktails


More than 100 people showed up for the party and within 40 mins the Foursquare Swarm badge had been awarded to everyone. One lucky person went home with a new HTC Android mobile phone.

What do you think??  … Do you think the client got their ROI?

Most Popular Posts – October

So it’s November – and that means cold days, cold nights and clear skies for fireworks!

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How to get more people in your shop with Foursquare a Case Study

Foursquare Swarm
Have you been looking to use social media for marketing? Trying to think of creative ideas to get more people to visit your shops? Foursquare has a number of options for retailers to come up with engaging experiences to get more people in your shops.

Foursquare Swarm Badge Party

This social media case study for Bite Latvija, a mobile operator shows how Foursquare was used to launch their new technology support centre – this led to increase customer awareness and customer engagement.

Why you need a social media policy

Are you responsible for using Twitter at your office? Or maybe you started answering questions from customers on Facebook … if so you should check what your company policy on social media says.

Why You Need a Social Media Policy & What should it cover

You need a policy to protect yourself and your company – that policy needs to recognise that we all use social media & social networks every day.

The policy should be specific about what people can and can’t so or do on social networks and should also make it easier for individual employees to talk about topics related to their profession for example. The policy should also protect individuals and provide guidance in case something does go wrong.

A couple of other key tactical points to consider are:

• Usually needs HR to set up a staff usage policy
• May need IT to allow access to Facebook & YouTube
• Can’t be open to using social media and then block staff from using it

Social Media Policy Template

You can download a free sample social media policy to use as a template for creating your own policy.

August 2010 – Most Popular Posts

So AUGUST has been and gone and now we are into September … already September has started out cold n wet for many people. If you missed some of the news and opinions from the past month, then here’s a reminder of what you enjoyed most:

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and in Vilnius this week – everyone went back to school! You would think it was a week of celebration. Parents even have a 1/2 day off so they can cope with the going back to school thing.

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