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What are the key trends in mobile usage 2011.001

What are the key trends and insights for mobile usage? [presentation]


Need statistics or insights for key trends about mobile usage? Are you into mobile marketing or just wanting to understand more about how your customers use their smartphone … Then my latest presentation is here to help you. Let me not beat around the bush – I’ve not got a million dollar mobile platform to […]

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10 best downloads & other useful things


It’s time to catchup on some missed out reading and get out in the sun. So here is a collection of 10 of the best downloads, tools and other useful things that you love to read. So I’m not going to second guess these related posts – I’m sure there will be stuff about Foursquare and […]


FREE DOWNLOAD Axure Wireframe & Prototype for iPad


I recently started using Axure for wire framing and creating clickable prototypes. I enjoyed it so much that I started to put together my own project for the Apple iPad with masters and a basic set of wireframes. FREE Download iPad Axure Project Yes, it’s a free download and can be used under Creative Commons […]

A quick overview Balsamiq Mockups


Mobile user experience and interface design is tricky business at the best of time. You need tools and templates that can help quickly sketch or mockup what things will look like which is where Balsamiq comes in. Back in 2008 I started to use Balsamiq Mockups for sketches of mobile UX/UI for mobile operator content […]