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Axure Twitter Bootstrap Widget Library v0.1

Axure Twitter Bootstrap Widget Library v0.1

Twitter Bootstrap provides a great CSS framework and design philosophy making it easy to get going with your new web-based enterprise. So it only seemed natural Axure needs a widget library for Twitter Bootstrap.

Axure has been my tool of choice for UX / UI wireframing and prototyping since July 2011. It was forced on me. Having been a fan of Omnigraffle and Balsamiq, I was resistant to change. Then I discovered the power of templates, generators and prototypes. Amazing!

Axure Widget Library for Twitter Bootstrap

I’ve made a careful selection of common elements for your next project. You can check out (if you have the Axure browser extension) the prototype of buttons and notifications.

These are primarly buttons and alert notifications.

  • Danger – alert bubble and dynamic panel with close button
  • Success – alert bubble and dynamic panel with close button
  • Notification – alert bubble and dynamic panel with close button
  • Information – alert bubble and dynamic panel with close button
  • Close – add this character where you will.

I’ve also added a few buttons and created button-dropdowns and split button dropdowns.

Buttons include

  • Primary
  • Default
  • Danger
  • Success
  • Split-button Primary
  • Button-dropdown Primary

Download links

Twitter Bootstrap for Axure 6.5 beta

– updated 25 March

Twitter Bootstrap for Axure 6.0

– unfortunately, I’ll be maintaining the library from now on with Axure 6.5

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What are the key trends and insights for mobile usage? [presentation]

What are the key trends and insights for mobile usage? [presentation]

Need statistics or insights for key trends about mobile usage? Are you into mobile marketing or just wanting to understand more about how your customers use their smartphone …

Then my latest presentation is here to help you. Let me not beat around the bush – I’ve not got a million dollar mobile platform to see you, but if you need great consultancy with a passion for mobile, then get in contact

View it on – What are the key trends in mobile usage 2011?


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10 best downloads & other useful things

It’s time to catchup on some missed out reading and get out in the sun. So here is a collection of 10 of the best downloads, tools and other useful things that you love to read.

So I’m not going to second guess these related posts – I’m sure there will be stuff about Foursquare and Social Media along with Axure, Balsamiq and things to do with wireframes.

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Axure Twitter Bootstrap Widget Library v0.1

FREE DOWNLOAD Axure Wireframe & Prototype for iPad

I recently started using Axure for wire framing and creating clickable prototypes. I enjoyed it so much that I started to put together my own project for the Apple iPad with masters and a basic set of wireframes.

Screen Shot 2011 09 28 at 09 22 43

FREE Download iPad Axure Project

Yes, it’s a free download and can be used under Creative Commons –  CC-Attribution and you can use it for commercial and non-commercial projects. Just let me know please.

You can get it here.

What’s Included in this project?

There are a number of masters that you can drag n drop into various wireframes. Much of this has been done straight in Axure so it doesn’t rely on any widget library or other things.

There is also a Word Doc template which I have ‘customised’  so run the Doc Generator and check it out.

iOS Home Screen

IOS Home

App Splash Screen

Splash Screen

and a loading screen

Split View Controller

Basic Split View Controller

and as well there is a split view controller with search.

App Map / Flow Chart

App Map

Did you download this? then thanks … What do you think?

Using Axure for wireframes & user experience

Using Axure for wireframes & user experience

Screen Shot 2011 09 28 at 09 22 43

Recently I discovered Axure as a tool for mapping user experience – and I have to say it’s pretty damn good. Given that its also able to generate clickable prototypes along with documentation like functional specifications this is more then pretty damn good. It’s a powerful tool – but if you’re building user journeys, wire framing and process flows can be easier to do in other tools.

It’s hard to compare Axure to Balsamiq, Visio or Omnigraffle – particularly on price since Axure starts at around $580 per licence. Most people starting with wire framing or mapping processes would not need something as powerful as Axure and Axure misses out on some basic ‘key features’  (for example there are no basic drawing tools for circles and other shapes).

What tools are you using for wire-framing .. does Axure appeal to you?

A quick overview Balsamiq Mockups

Mobile user experience and interface design is tricky business at the best of time. You need tools and templates that can help quickly sketch or mockup what things will look like which is where Balsamiq comes in.

Balsamiq aboutprod 0

Back in 2008 I started to use Balsamiq Mockups for sketches of mobile UX/UI for mobile operator content portals. This isn’t easy work at the best of times.  Launched in June 2008, Mockups helps software designers and developers build great software by letting them easily sketch out their ideas, then quickly collaborate and iterate over them.

Designing mobile user experience and customer journeys has been a part of what I do since 2003 when I was leading the project that launched the first colour phones with cameras & games, as part of a major wap portal for an Australian mobile operator.

A lot has changed when it comes to user experience and user interfaces – but for many paper is still the best tool or powerpoint and keynote are very easy to use.

Balsamiq is still a tool of choice because it has a friendly layout and cheeky usage of a font we love to hate.