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British Airways mobile app could do with its own QR Code

BA - Your boarding pass is ringing

This billboard stands out as an example – Just an example of how disconnected ‘real world’ traditional marketing is from integrated digital marketing.

Great – several airlines have now got mobile apps that allow you to seemingly, easily get from home to the airplane.

What’s wrong with this advert?

1. It’s only for iPhone – the image tells me straight away that here is another brand ignoring ‘other’ smartphones (or the only customers BA is helping are iOS device users)

2. You have to go home and then visit the App Store – well actually BA … you could have put a friendly URL on your post  like (as the poster was in Waterloo station). Doing a friendly URL like this can make it easy to track customer interest / direct response to the poster.

3. There’s a Barcode on the advert – this poster has a great example of QR Codes and it could have been used by many smartphones to go directly to download the app.

So there you go .. 1 big, missed opportunity to measure the effectiveness and customer interest in your new app.


Going Mobile – I’m in your face – I’m in your phone.

Lg mobi ad

Mobilising your web content and cross channel integrated marketing may sound like just a bunch of buzzwords to boost my SEO. But it’s not. So I’m helping you to understand the latest in mobile marketing, tools & techniques.

You can now visit from your smartphone and have the best experience a mobile can get. If you’re a fan of the iPad then you can also save this as a web app on your phone.

So don’t waste time. Head to now.

PS .. This shows the best experience you can get using WordPress and a plugin called WPTouch Pro


What do you think? Leave a comment or contact me?


HOW-TO Get started with mobile app testing – device checklist

Do you do mobile app testing? Then maybe you need a getting started checklist to help you with your device settings. One thing has not changed in the (nearly) 10 years since mobile internet got started – we still have to check and change device settings.


Check .. Does the mobile operator name show in the status bar?

  • if it says No Carrier it wont work

Check … you have a data connection – can you open any app or browse to a web page.

  • if there is no H or 3G or E symbol then you need to check the data connections

Check … Dial any number from the phone ..

  • if it tells you have No Credit or Number Restrictions then you’ll need to fix this

Check .. Dial *#100# press Send .. the USSD command will run and the notification will show your phone number


Now you can open your mobile app to check that you can login ok and everything is working right.

Say hello to 10,000,000,000 little downloads of mobile apps

Say hello to 10,000,000,000 little downloads of mobile apps

It was only earlier this week that Apple’s homepage changed to advertise the fact that a 10 billion milestone was soon to be reached.

It wouldn’t be insane to think that 10 billion app downloads is a milestone and a half – no other app store or mobile operator portal has reported such impressive download figures.

In other recent news e-marketer reckoned that we all had a collective average of 60 of these apps on our smartphones — that’s a lot of games, news, branded content and generally important little bits of code on our phones.

Apple made it easier for people to pay less then a dollar, a pound or a euro for these little apps – in the race towards free or add funded it may have found the right price. Make it a decision i dont care about, make it easy to pay for, and make it less then a buck.

Digital Signage and traffic signals targets for stolen sim cards

Smart thieves in Jo’burg are making a fast buck from stolen simcards. Hundreds of lights have been damaged by thieves targeting the machines’ sim cards, which are then used to make mobile phone calls worth millions of South African rand.

Effectively any Digital Signage or Outdoor Advertising is now a target. As the advertising gets smarter and more technical – a new breed of criminals will target the computers and mobiles that power them.

Back to Jo’burg where more than two-thirds of 600 hi-tech lights have been affected over the past two months, according to the Johannesburg Roads Agency, causing traffic jams, accidents and frustration for motorists.

The traffic lights use sim cards, modem and use GPRS to send and receive information, a system intended to save time and manpower by alerting the road agency’s head office when any lights malfunction. According to Thulani Makhubela, a spokesman for the agency, the robberies have been “systematic and co-ordinated”, possibly by a syndicate. An internal investigation has now been launched.


TV Advertising – T-Mobile & Heathrow T5

I’m the type who is always overwhelmed by TV advertising – as I don’t watch ‘live’ TV or commercial TV with ads I often find myself watching adverts on the internet for the sake of it! I even occasionally, download these adverts to save them and watch them again and again and again and …

Can I just say I’m against flashmobs, my new found British sensibility (*read – I’ve just handed in my UK citizenship application) does not condone such public displays – it’s embarrassing and I was overexposed to the last T-mobile flashmob thanks to my gyms in-house digital signage.

What’s more painful to me, is to think how much this cost T-mobile to show the advert simultaneuously on pretty much every commercial TV and pay TV channel last Friday. So much could have been done with that budget – think of all those mobile apps, social media fan pages and lost opportunities to engage customers in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube or umm Vimeo in this instance.

T-Mobile Heathrow T5 Welcome Back from World Television on Vimeo.

So what do you think? does TV advertising still have a role in the social media world?