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One little sticker that changed the world of Mobile Payment NFC

One little sticker that changed the world of Mobile Payment NFC

Barclays is a well known bank for all the wrong reasons lately – but a few months back they announced the launch of a sticker for your phone, wallet or just about anywhere. This sticker combines NFC (near field communications) technology with a business model that revolutionised mobile payments.

2 Models for NFC Mobile Payment

A sticker that has effectively changed the world of Mobile Payments. Until PayTag was announced, there were only 2 models of Mobile Payments (and they were pretty monogamous).

1. work with Handset Manufacturers who integrated an NFC payment module in the device (think Android & Google Wallet);

2. work with the Mobile Network operators who proposed their own SIM card based solution which would work with a few partner banks.

If you were a bank or a customer you pretty you had no choice … In the UK, Orange was running a trial with 1 device with Barclays … I was on another mobile network so this would never work.


OTT – Over the top or Disintermediation

OTT is an acronym used in the mobile technology world for ‘going direct’ or going ‘over the top’. It used to be called disintermediation, as in avoid dealing with the middle men.

Barclaycard’s PayTag sticker is definitely OTT – you don’t need any particular phone, you can be on any network. I don’t think anyone had realised that mobile payments and NFC could work without either a handset or a mobile operator.


Ubiquitous & ever present leads to mass market adoption

The only way NFC mobile payments will be a success is if it is ubiquitous and ever present. This means for consumers that

1. you don’t need to buy a new phone or

2. change networks

3. you can use this in a lot of place

One factor in favour of Barclaycard PayTag is ease of use – it’s a Visa credit card which allows purchases up to £20. if Barclaycard can rollout new card payment terminals to all their Visa card merchants, then you’d have mass adoption.

Get Results from an Android Mobile Marketing Strategy

Get Results from an Android Mobile Marketing Strategy

Android Mobiles are taking over the world … and that seems to be supported by the latest statistics or trends. If you’re thinking about mobile marketing .. and wondering ‘what is all the fuss about Android’, then this presentation is for you.

Only the latest Android Insights and Statistics

  • 10 billion app downloads (December 2011)
  • 200 million activated devices (November 2011)
  • 400,000 Android Apps (December 2011)

We can only wait for the next Google I/O conference to confirm how these numbers are growing!

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Mobile Usage and Trends – Updated with UK Statistics

Mobile Usage and Trends – Updated with UK Statistics

Good mobile insights and statistics are hard to find unless you pay for them … that’s why I’ve just updated my Key Trends and Usage Insights to include data for the UK.

UK Mobile Trends and Insights

UK total mobile users 80m  (penetration is over 100% of the population)

UK smartphone penetration 46%

UK smartphone app usage 50%

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Remember your Mobile Browser detection for iPad & Smartphones

Remember your Mobile Browser detection for iPad & Smartphones

So you’ve built a great website for your clients and they’re happy to see its getting lots of good traffic. Now your client wants to know how to make their website mobile.

Depending on the CMS you used to build the website – WordPress or Drupal for example, be sure to setup a mobile browser plugin that renders your website smartphone and mobile friendly.

Hi there I’m updating this. Let me know what you think Thanks Damien


For anyone building a website from scratch – mobile browser detection is done in the same was as detecting say IE6.
You only need to write a small script which detects the browser user-agent as a mobile and directs it to a webpage just for mobile.

It’s been common practice for a few years to actually redirect mobiles to a mobile friendly site like or or (hiss boo), but CSS and scripts can do this better.

For a dynamic site with a CMS and blog it’s easier to load a separate set of CSS styles that renders the your website for narrow and small screen and at the same time you can use this to cut out all that flash stuff that doesn’t render on iPads or other iDevices.

How to make your website mobile

Smart phones are driving the usage of mobile internet and that’s not just the growth in mobile apps. Having a mobile version of your website or a mobile web app is becoming critical as your customers and potential new business use mobile search to hunt for any business.

There are 3 easy steps to get your website ready for the mobile internet:

  • Make your website mobile now
  • Assess your mobile customer’s needs
  • Improve your mobile customer experience to generate leads

Make your website mobile today

WordPress WPTouch mobile internet on iPad

WordPress WPTouch mobile internet on iPad

It’s easy for any brand or business to enable a mobile version of your website. If you’re using WordPress, a plugin such as WPTouch ‘lite’ can instantly render your existing site for Android, iPhones and even iPad.

Taking the time to optimise your website for mobile devices with WPTouch Pro will make the whole mobile experience better for you and your customers.

Install this Web App

Customising your WordPress site for mobile devices like iPad’s will also allow you to make your website a mobile web app. This can be easily bookmarked and saved to the iPad homescreen (and it works for Android and iPhones too).

Assess and determine your mobile customer’s needs

Mobile connections

The small screen of your mobile makes it more important to analyse what it is your mobile customers are doing with their smartphone. This means you should cut out all the content that’s not needed on the small screen.

If you’re a small business or retail outlet, your mobile customers maybe looking for information like your location or contact details.

For b2c brands and other businesses who are trying to leverage social media the mobile web presents many new opportunities for sharing and check-ins.

Improve your mobile customer experience to generate leads

WP Touch Pro

After you’ve assessed your customers, it’s time to adapt and change your website again. Hide or remove pages from your website that aren’t needed on your mobile.

You may also need to create specific mobile friendly pages. This is the best option to ensure the customer experience is truly optimised for the small screen smart phone or feature phone.

Finally, remember to review and optimise your forms and other tools you use to generate leads or integrate with CRM.

For all your support needs to optimisie your website for the mobile internet today … get in contact with me today.

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Customer Service via Web & Email – Who didn’t test your web mail form O2

Well hello Customer Service and Customer Management consultants … who here is reading this and is building a business case for improved customer service by moving customers to self care tools such as web forms and e-mail?  Most of you reading this are probably think about it constantly. THEN DON’T DO IT unless you’ve gone and tested it and got it right.

I recently got an iPad 2 – an upgrade from my first iPad … Some nice marketing product person at O2 figured out an email with a link to reset the iPad MAC address so I can continue to use free wifi would be helpful.

Screen shot 2011 05 19 at 15 31 34

So I went to the web form … and filled in my details

Screen shot 2011 05 19 at 15 32 37

And almost immediately I got an email back — NICE — I thought, prompt service.

but really, oh NO  — I must have been dreaming —

Screen shot 2011 05 19 at 15 27 04

Apparently, O2 is using a webmail form (hopefully linked to a good CRM tool) but it isn’t so up to date to deal with this special iPad MAC address reset form.

Top marks for testing your MAC address reset form.


Just wait for my story on another UK operator – after speaking to 5 different agents – I’m told to fill in an email form on their website. Grrrrrreat.