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DBC Backup 2 new version is ready for you

DBC Backup 2 is a WordPress plugin that creates backups of your database. DBC Backup 2 has just been update to v2.3.24.

DBC backup 2.3.24 WordPress


DBC Backup 2 has been completely redesigned and looks great as part of WordPress 3.8.

DBC Backup 2 2.3.24


What’s new in DBC Backup 2

The latest version of DBC Backup 2 includes a number of significant changes

  • Support for PHP 5.x – resolves issue which required a manual work around / blocked importing backup files
  • Support for MySQL 5.x – switches from mysqlquery to mysqli_query for example
  • New layout / visual design in time for WordPress 3.8
  • Most PHP error notices have been cleared and fixed.

Visual Layouts Filtrify & Isotope Visual Layouts – will they work with your WordPress Theme?

Hi Damien,
I’m about to start using your amazing plugins and was wondering if you could offer me some advice. Is it possible for me to use your filtering capability with this WordPress theme …
To be honest … I think I’m better off with just the plugins.


I recently received this email and thought I’d write up a few notes on my plugins. Right or Wrong … If you like the style of your theme, WordPress plugins are there to extend the function of your site. This means you don’t have to replace your existing theme just to get a new feature.


Want to get a cool theme instead?

If you do like the style / grid layout that I’m showing and want to replace your theme … then checkout the WooThemes range of themes. I’ve tested my plugins against ‘most’ of their themes and they all work.

Out of the box, WooThemes offer the most user-friendly site & theme admin options compared to pretty much anything I’ve seen or tested. If you look for Portfolio Themes then you’ll find these use Masonry as well as tag based filtering. Even a couple of their free themes have portfolio functions to try out.


Infinite Scroll & Filtering – not possible today 

One word of caution — Most people who ask about my plugins want Infinite Scroll added to Isotope Visual Layouts …  which is great. But you can’t (today) do any filtering ( as in you can’t append your next page to the existing filters ). In the future, I’ll look for another solution to this.

You can do lots of filtering with the filtrify plugin .. Including multiple custom taxonomies  … dates, tags as well as categories


Themes that don’t work with my plugins

There are a couple of themes that I have seen not working with my plugins. The most common reasons are that the theme is 

  • Uses fixed widths – which means they don’t change layout in a responsive manner
  • Use complex page templates – which means the page layout and look & feel get’s screwed up
  • Already include a jQuery plugins doing similar things – this causes a user experience / behaviour problem, in that my plugin works one way and the theme works in another way.


That said … if you are concerned your website will not work — then install the free Isotope Visual Layouts plugin first.

Pro Plugin – New User Guides & Support tools

Until a few days ago, I’d been relying on e-mail to manage your support requests. During the past 3 months I’ve looked at different options to provide support and also publish user guides and support material – beyond what’s in the readme files.

Docs & Help

Announcing Help & User Guides for Pro Plugins

Anyone who has brought a Pro plugin from me, will now get access to Help & User Docs just visit

Key features of the new site include:

  • Growing set of FAQ’s (knowledge base) for each plugin
  • Create a Ticket / Support request
  • All done with WordPress
  • Pro Plugin users automatically get access
  • Rating / Voting on topics


This section is a work in progress — I’ve actually been too sick over the past 2 weeks to answer many emails (sorry about that ) … and thought that a reference section like this would be a help for everyone!


How to access?

You’ll need to login with your username and password details that you choose when you purchased your plugins.

Start by going to  and login

Then visit


If you’re still stuck please send me an email and Ill look into it.


1 minute video – Isotope Visual Layouts WordPress plugin

Just been on a bit of a testing mission this weekend … I’ve put together this 1 minute screen recording of my WordPress plugin Isotope Visual Layouts.

The video is taken from my Selenium based testing and goes from plugin install, checking plugin options, adding a page, viewing the results and finally deleting the plugin.


Isotope Visual Layouts lite – gets an update & a new name

WordPress is a great tool for Websites, Blogs, Ecommerce and pretty much anything else … Which is why Isotope Visual Layouts is such a great plugin. Now you can easily change your website without changing your theme.

How to Update / Upgrade

Isotope Visual Layouts lite – slightly newer name – has just had an update to v2 and if you already have it installed, you can get an update / upgrade from your Admin Plugin page (see image below).

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 22.38.25

Don’t worry – I’ve also just sent a nice email out to everyone who downloaded Isotope Visual Layouts previously …

And if you’re new and want a copy … just head to

So what’s new in v2?

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 22.38.17

  • A new name – it’s lite and it’s free
  • Added WordPress transient caching for performance
  • Fixed a potential plugin conflict
  • Rewrote the post query as WP_Query
  • Changed the jQuery behaviour from a CSS #id to a .class
  • and a few other things

Visual Layouts plugin for WordPress featuring Freetile

Visual Layouts my latest plugin for WordPress is here … and you can download it now.

Visual Layouts is a WordPress Plugin using Freetile.js to add visual animation and effects to your website.


3 Key Features of Visual Layouts

  • It’s Easy to install and no coding is required.
  • Choose from 7 colour styles and it works with any posts, custom posts or pages.
  • Choose to include or exclude the feature image

How to Download & Install Visual Layouts?

To download the plugin now and install it … just complete this little form:

Oops! We could not locate your form.


Find out more — including detail tips and hints.