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Your favorite apps, with Google Drive (Trello I use every day)

Google Drive and Google Apps for Business form the core of my ‘enterprise IT’ requirements.

Google Drive is mostly for document storage but I have a few documents that open daily via my Android or iPad. I’ve not been in a business yet that could stomach shared / co-authored documents.


and Trello is my favourite project management / planner / scrum board / anything app right now.




“Google Drive is a place where you can create, share and keep all your stuff — so you can live online and get things done in the cloud. Drive is also an open platform, which means you can use third-party applications to do things like send faxes, make floor plans, and create mockups directly from Drive.”


Your favorite apps, with Google Drive (Part 1):

Everything Everwhere Rebrands As EE, Brings “Super-Fast” 4G LTE Service To The UK

Get your high speed LTE mobile devices ready to rumble …

So it’s official what everyone has known for some time … EE is no longer just a 2 letter acronym for people who couldn’t be bother to say 2 words … Everything and Everywhere.

The second thing we know is there will be a great range of phones available for sale from ‘soon’ but the court hearings and legal wrangling have yet to ‘stop’ the EE selling these devices.

Everything Everwhere Rebrands As EE, Brings “Super-Fast” 4G LTE Service To The UK: “Happy days are here for those of you living in the UK. First Andy Murray wins his first Grand Slam title and now Everything Everywhere has announced its new brand and model called EE. While EE may sound somewhat ominous— especially since it’s linked to both Orange UK and T-Mobile UK, it brings something that all have been waiting for— the official launching of a true 4G LTE network. This new 4G LTE will bring as EE calls it, ‘super-fast’ mobile service for customers. For now, EE has confirmed the London, Bristol, Cardiff and Birmingham markets are all live at this time, though markets like Derby, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield and Southampton should have 4G LTE by Christmas of this year. To celebrate, EE will launch 4G LTE capable devices including the Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One XL and the Huawei Ascend P1 LTE smartphones.

(Via Google Android News Android Forums.)

Why You Don’t Need Mac Anti-Virus Software – Plus What You Do Need

I’ve been using Apple Macbook Pro as my primary work horse since 2008. I’ve always had ClamXav installed as a ‘heuristic’ solution to monitor apps and downloads for virus and malware.

I’m a fan of sandbox for apps, but as I do develop a whole heap of different things, just installing from the Mac App Store is not an option for me.

Now I’m going to look for other software …. or remove ClamXav all together.


Why You Don’t Need Mac Anti-Virus Software – Plus What You Do Need: “Why You Don’t Need Mac Anti-Virus Software – Plus What You Do Need”

Why Social Gaming is on the decline? Blame cannibalisation by mobile and OTT

Social Gaming is on the decline – not terminal decline, just platform cannibalisation. Well mostly. Some Social Gamers just go off and play other newer games. The big reason for the decline in social game, I believe is the rise of free games in App Stores like Android Play and iTunes App Store. These App Stores provide a direct to user channel for promotion of games.

5 reasons Social Gaming is on the decline

There are 5 reasons this is happening

  1. Mobiles and Tablets – if you can’t login to play the game you won’t play. This is a device and platform issue.
  2. Game popularity fades – other games come along to steal your crown
  3. Cannibalisation of existing base – users stop playing one game title and move to another
  4. OTT (Over the top) & going direct – if a user doesn’t need to login to Facebook to play a game
  5.  The rise and rise of free-to-play games from App Stores of the ‘same game’ by a different name

Recently Read Write Web did a post on Zynga and the decline of social gaming on Facebook. A bit of this article appears below …

Zynga Games – Daily Active Users

At the time of its IPO in mid-December, Zynga had the top five games on Facebook by daily active users. But, according to app tracking website AppData, three of those five apps have declined dramatically in Daily Active Users (DAI) since then.


Dec 12, 2011

Jun 12, 2012










Texas HoldEm Poker



Words With Friends



The main reason for Zynga’s stock price fall this week was a report from financial analyst firm Cowen and Company entitled “Facebook Gaming in Accelerating User Tailspin.” The report stated that Zynga’s social gaming daily active users declined by 8.2 percent to 54.2 million in May.

According to Cowen analyst Doug Creutz, that’s because casual gamers are moving away from the Facebook platform to play games on their smartphones and tablets. However Creutz hedges his bets, by noting that Zynga is “aggressively pursuing mobile game development.” Accordingly, he has a “Neutral” rating on Zynga shares.


Read Write Web

3 articles to read on Brand Marketing & Strategy

You’ll love these 3 articles by Mark Ritson who has a weekly opinion piece in Marketing Week. His column is the inside, back page and the first article I read.

Why Graff Diamonds Failed to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (old school luxury brand)
Link > Marketing Week

— is this not the same trap for other FTSE100 and multinationals? becoming old-fashioned and lacking brand appeal

Apple’s leadership bios look about as diverse as an Alabama country club circa 1961
Link > Marketing Week

— in a world where social responsibility is supposed to be the best company structure, Apple is anything but.

Australia, the ‘brand’ sharks and the dodo’s
Link > Marketing Week

— the multinational brands are coming to kill the Australian monopolies … who will win???