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Hello World Redux


For the past month (2 or 3 months??) I’ve been more than quiet – I’ve really not been around. So this is just me saying ‘Hello World’ again. Actually it’s been a crazy time – I’ve spent 6 weeks working in Maastricht in the Netherlands (or Holland if you don’t know better) which was an […]

5 Things that Can Derail Your Freelance Career


There actually are many things that can de-rail a successful freelance career and perhaps these 5 should have your attention. The 2 that I think are important to always beware of are: 1. Keeping your eye out for ‘something better’ (such as taking a permanent role) 2. Being too successful and not being able to […]

WTF! TomTom you make Apple Maps really do suck


To me, I used Apple Maps on my iPad to check walking directions. So why is Apple Maps now powered by a Sat nav company like TomTom. Apparently I have to pay tollS to walk 6m to my home … Not just one toll … That's tolls. And annoyingly all map data is now from […]