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SharePoint 2013 & Internet Explorer keeps crashing


Internet Explorer 11 recently started to crash every time I visited my SharePoint 2013 site and a SharePoint 2010 site. I had recently updated Internet Explorer, Office and Lync communicator.  I was pretty sure the error was with one of these updates. The error is Internet Explorer has stopped working – you can close the […]

SharePoint Site Settings Page


The one SharePoint 2013 page I always want to get to easily is the Site Settings. The URL looks something like this is http://<site>/<sitecollection>/_layouts/15/settings.aspx   The problem is that it is a mouthful to remember so I’m going to use AutoHotKey to remember this for me.

Hello 2016


Hello … It’s been a long time and now I’m back. Things are going to change around here and I’ll be writing more about my experiences with SharePoint 2013 and less on WordPress.  

House Buying in the UK  Trello

Trello example – House Buying in the UK


Trello is one of my favourite tools for project planning and also time wasting – I guess you can spend hours planning your life (ha ha). I’ve put together a sample board for anyone wanting to use Trello to help manage their house purchase. It’s pretty specific for 1st time buyers / renters but you […]